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:information_source: Summary Private Topics Enables private topics in a regular category
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link GitHub - communiteq/discourse-private-topics
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This plugin allows you to add an extra security setting to categories so that users can only access their own topics. You can also designate one or more groups that can see all topics in the category. This is typically used for providing private support within a public community.


We were looking for a more integrated way of being able to provide support for Communiteq’s clients without having to create a few thousand categories. We also wanted to stay away from Group Inboxes because they feel too much bolted on. I previously wrote about this idea here.


After enabling the plugin, go to the security settings for your category.


There are a few global site settings as well:

  • private topics permitted groups : designates groups whose members’ posts are consistently accessible. You can use this so posts from staff or support staff are not subject to being inaccessible, even when they’re in a private category. Posts from the default system user are also always being shown. You should make sure that the category introductory posts are either from the default system user or from a user in this group, if you want these to be shown.

  • private topics admin sees all: when enabled, admin users can access all topics, even when they’re in a private category. Disable this if you want to hide confidential data from accidental glances.


The plugin filters topics from topic lists, post stream, search, user summary, user activity and raw.

Topics are included in badges, but badges are not granted for non-public categories, so you should remove everyone from the category security groups and add trust_level_1 instead.

This plugin is brand new and has not been tested extensively yet.
Possible “leaks” are:

  • digest emails (not tested yet)
  • message bus (sometimes a “there is one new or updated topic” flashes and then disappears)

Todo / Roadmap

  • have a category banner that explains that it’s safe to post more or less confidential things in the category.

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