Super awesome query

This is a super awesome query

this is a reply that is long enough

This is a fresh post

super fast post of lots of characters


Difficult input formats:

  • min_first_post_typing_time is supposed to be entered in milliseconds. This seems like unnecessary granularity for the use case, and makes it harder for laymen to get it right.
  • auto_silence_fast_typers_max_trust_level is supposed to be entered as an integer. :sweat_smile:

There’s also a lack of validation for the latter. You can enter a non-existing trust-level, e.g. 13. You can even enter a string without any error (but the value isn’t stored.)


Appropriate inputs. I think trust level inputs should definitely be a select box with the trust levels inside. The time input should at least be in seconds, or potentially some duration input widget.

This validation message definitely oozes of “expert friendly.” :slightly_smiling_face:

  • yes
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