Wiki post demonstration

This post is a wiki post

This is an edit

This is a second edit

For admins and moderators:

  • They have additional options to revert changes or hide revisions from non-staff users:
    Admin options

Configuration for wiki posts

Admins and moderators (collectively “staff”) have several options to configure wikis:

  • Admins can change the trust level required to create wikis using the site setting min trust to allow self wiki.
  • Admins can install the DiscoTOC theme component for an automatic table of contents.
  • Staff can configure a category to make the first post in all new topics a wiki by default (note that this setting is not retroactive).
  • Staff can lock/unlock edits to a wiki post using the wrench icon.
  • Staff can style wiki posts via CSS (see this guide on changing the style of a wiki post).